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about us

The Aladi Aruna Foundation was founded Dr V balaji to carry forward the loft ideals of Mr Aladi Aruna.

Mr. Aladi Aruna

Aladi Aruna believed health and education are the two most vital tools to establish a harmonious and productive society. He was a well-known politician, prolific writer, a fiery orator and a well constitutional expert.

During his political career, he had adorned the legislative assemble, Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha. Despite his vast exposure to people from all walks of life, he was steadfast that the country can progress only when it can focus on the rural and underprivileged areas through health and education.

Dr V.Balaji


Doctors are often called “life saviours”, but Dr Balaji’s impact on society goes beyond the individual impact he has brought forward as a world-renowned vascular surgeon, instead, the last decade has been dedicated to transforming society from within. This effort has manifested in the form of devotion to providing accessible quality education- at a primary level via A. A Public school and at a tertiary level via the Aladi Aruna College of Nursing. His dedication to implementing grassroots changes in society stems from the ideals he imbibed from the late Mr Aladi Aruna and his expansive medical experience.

Dr.Samantha Balaji


The eldest granddaughter of thiru Aladi Aruna is a paediatrician. A multi-tasker, she efficiently juggles between her duty as a medical professional and administrative work of the AAF.

Ms.Kavya Balaji

Trustee, Assistant Academic Coordinator

Following in her grandfather footsteps has graduated from O.P. Jindal Global University with BA L.L. B (Hons.). As an educator, she prioritises providing quality education in rural and urban communities.

Currently, in her role as assistant academic coordinator, the school policies implemented are to ensure that the students from A. A Public school, leave a global citizen with the ability to change the world.


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