Welcome from the management

Welcome to AA Public School

Our sincere thanks for considering AAPS on your journey to educate your child.

Since its inception in 2014, the school has gained confidence and popularity in North Chennai. This is attributed to AAPs understanding that the present generation has the daunting task of balancing school, home and the challenges of the new digital era. AAPs educational mission is tailor-made to aid our children to navigate through these challenges. AAPS continuously strives to instil in our students time tested value-based education embedded with the ever-changing technology.

In addition to our emphasis on academics and sports at its core, AAPs prioritises not only transforming the minds of its children but their hearts. In addition to our focus on academics and sports, we believe in providing education rooted in values and morals. As our more significant is to create humane, compassionate and productive individuals for the betterment of society.

Welcome to AAPS, our doors are open to you, And with you, we seek to inspire, guide and learn with your children. Please join us.


  • Board of trustees.
  • Dr V.Balaji
  • Dr Samantha Balaji
  • Ms Kavya Balaji

Why Choose Us?

The School is situated in the heart of north madras spanning over 17 grounds. The facilities for students have been designed meticulously to address the specific and growing needs of students from kindergarten to high school.

The teaching faculty of AAPs focuses on honing the intellectual abilities of the students in traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching. AAPs teaching is focused to make the child seek knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom. This is done by ensuring that learning takes place in the form of activities, projects and participating in external competitions. In addition to focusing on providing quality education, our faculty simultaneous prioritises the emotional wellbeing of the students. AAPs empathises with the matrix of immense complex social change which has an impact on the child’s mental wellbeing. In AAPs teachers approach to education is to ensure holistic development of the children.

AAPS is a secular school, where we’re proud to have children from all walks of life. Our strength lies in our diverse multi-cultural and multi-linguistic children who define the school.


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